Search Engine Submit

Cpanel icon searchsubmit Search Engine Submit CPanel allows you to submit your web site details to several search engines at one time. Some pointers on this process:

  • This is not a guaranteed way of becoming registered by these search engines, as some may charge a registering fee. It is always best to check each search engine site individually to see what their registration policy currently is.

  • It may take several weeks (4-8 weeks is common) before your web site will appear on a search engine.

  • Do not submit your site multiple times to the same search engine within a short period of time, as the search engine may ban you from its list.

To submit your site to one or more search engines:

  1. Click on the Search Engine Submit link in the CGI Center area.

  2. Click on the tick boxes next to the search engines that you want to submit to.

  3. Enter the address of your site in the URL field and your contact email address in the Email field.

  4. Enter a short description of your site in the Comments field.

  5. Enter the keywords of your site in the Keywords field. These are the handful (3-6) of words that are predominantly used by search engines to index your site. Separate each key word by a comma.

  6. Choose the language of the site in the Language drop-down list and the country in which the site is located in the Country drop-down list.

  7. Click on the Cpanel button submit Search Engine Submit button.

Cpanel searchenginesubmit Search Engine Submit

Search Engine Submit