Addon Scripts

Cpanel icon cgi Addon Scripts Your web hosting provider may include a variety of additional scripts that you can use to add value to your web site. Please contact your hosting administrator if a script that you want to use is not available. However, you can still install a wide variety of scripts by hand. The Addon Scripts area simply provides an easy to use method of installing and uninstalling complex scripts.

Note: The following instructions are generic and may vary depending on the script.

To install an addon script:

  1. Click on the on the Addon Scripts link in the Tools area.

  2. Click on the script that you want to install.

  3. Enter an administrator username and password in the Admin User and Admin Pass fields.

  4. Enter the path to the install directory in the Install at this url field. This must be a top-level directory.

  5. Click on the Cpanel button install Addon Scripts button.

Cpanel addonscripts Addon Scripts


Modifying an addon script
Removing an addon script

Addon Scripts