Horde summary

The Horde email application has many more features than NeoMail. The text below describes the main buttons in Horde and what they do. This is provided as a summary reference, and not a detailed description of how to use Horde. If you do not know how to use some of the features, please contact your hosting administrator.

Horde functions (available from the top menu bar):

  • Cpanel horde inbox Horde summary – Displays your inbox with all your current mail that has not been viewed, moved, or deleted.

  • Cpanel horde compose Horde summary – Write a new email message. There are several options available, such as using an address book to choose the recipient(s) of your email, adding attachments, and using special characters in the email.

  • Cpanel horde folders Horde summary – Organize your mail messages into different folders. You can have as many different folder as you want.

  • Cpanel horde options Horde summary – Set a large number of options on how you use Horde. Please read the description of a setting carefully before applying it.

  • Cpanel horde search Horde summary – Search for a particular email message. You can search by almost any field in the email, and search through any folder.

  • Cpanel horde help Horde summary – Displays the Horder online help. Please read this help when you have any questions or problems.

  • Cpanel horde addressbook Horde summary – Stores email addresses of contacts. Click on any email address to create a new email message to that person.

  • Cpanel horde logout Horde summary – Logs you out of the Horde application. You should always do this when you have finished using Horde.

Additional Horde functions (available from the bottom menu bar):

  • Cpanel horde calendar Horde summary – Displays a calendar on which you can enter events.

  • Cpanel horde memos Horde summary – Create notes for your future reference.

  • Cpanel horde tasks Horde summary – Create a list of tasks that you need to perform.

Horde summary