SSL Shell

Cpanel icon ssl SSL Shell SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a means of providing encrypted communications on the Internet. CPanel provides you with an online SSL Shell (an application) that allows you to log in to the Linux computer that is your web server and make changes at the server side. You use Telnet (the Internet standard protocol for remote login) commands through the SSL Shell to activate the web server.

Note: If you do not know exactly what you are doing, you can potentially cause problems on your web server. Please contact your hosting administrator if you are not sure how to use SSL.

Some useful links:

To use the SSL Shell:

  1. Click on the SSL Shell / Telnet link in the Access Menu area.

    Note: You need to have Java Applets enabled on your browser for the SSL Shell to start.

  2. You are now in the SSL Shell window. Press the Enter key to logon. Please refer to the links at the beginning of this topic if you need more information about logging on and what you can do through the SSL Shell.

Cpanel sslshell SSL Shell

SSL Shell